It’s lonely at the top. How often do we hear this? And yet, how true is it?

For women C-suite executives, senior leaders, and business owners, as we climb higher within our organization we are less likely to interact or collaborate with other women. Getting honest feedback and encouragement can be difficult, especially from other women as there are so few in senior positions. Do you find yourself missing the communication and contact you once had in the early stages of your career? I constantly hear from executive women who are craving connections with women who respect and understand their competency and the daily challenges they face.

Women In The Suite (WITS) is offering you an opportunity to bridge that gap and engage with other executive women by sharing challenges, exchanging best practices, seeking counsel, while establishing friendships along the way. Connecting with other women can be a support and stimulation to your creativity and problem solving challenges and self-care.

WITS Executive Dinner Club is a great place to start. We meet once a month to have dinner, and have round table discussions with a small group of executive women. Join us to eat, share, and network. This is a drop-in meeting with no commitment.

WITS Executive Retreats in the interest of building a network of support as well as focusing on the importance of self-care, balance and transition, MOVE Consulting offers WITS Executive Retreats. This is a time for you to get quiet, self-reflect, and recharge in an elegant and peaceful surrounding.  It’s amazing what a 3 day, 2 night getaway with an experienced coach and facilitator can do to elevate your experience of life and work. Be certain to register for one or more of our upcoming retreats.

We offer other venues that support Women In Leadership:

Group Coaching:

An opportunity to explore similar challenges and growth with collective wisdom from others who share common goals and objectives. Group coaching sessions can be offered at the public level with women from different industries and locations, and for various intact teams within organizations. Sessions maybe in person/ on site and through use of social media venues.

Executive Coaching

Engage in a partnership with a laser focused approach to your specific journey. We support women in areas such as; establishing executive presence, transitioning to increased role/responsibilities, creating a personal brand, balancing assertive/aggressive approach, aligning strong team and building superb leaders and more.  Oh yes… and balancing and nurturing self.


Designed for two primary levels: executive women and mid-managers. Programs vary widely and are offered to the public across industries as well as customized for intact team and organizations.

Customized Internal Programs:

Our purpose for Women in Leadership service is two fold: 1) Partner with women to be very effective in their leadership role 2) Assist organizations in  understanding what is needed to embrace and empower women leaders. We offer customized internal programs for women leaders in your organization and consultancy to key leaders for sustainability and continued success.