As our organization continued to grow, I wanted to support business performance by increasing the effectiveness of my management team. Multiple workshops conducted by Elizabeth and her team lead into single coaching of each team member.

Using several different approaches and tools, combined with open communication, vast experience, business wisdom and the flexibility to individualize and customize our problems were identified and solved. Together we developed a corporate development program for middle, senior and top management which is still successful to this day. I recommend this service to anyone humble enough to recognize that there is always room to grow and is open to painful analysis. It was an eye opening experience which changed my team, myself and last but not least my (private) life.

Heiko L.
Head of Logistics Network
Hella KGaA

Beyond excellent! I was impressed with Elizabeth’s ability to manage the depth of information while allowing time for questions and input. The class ended too soon. I was disappointed.

Elizabeth Jende is naturally gifted, engaging, talented, energetic, supportive, passionate and caring.  She reaches into the soul of every participant. She has a great deal of genuine heart. Elizabeth appeals to all learning styles. You won’t ever forget her!

Ada W.
HR Consultant & Trainer
Regal Consulting Services, LLC

Our work focused on coaching management strategies and personal development. Through excellent input and approach to structural problems Elizabeth changed our point of view and helped us find different solutions and interpretations. Combined with an excellent professional background, business understanding, and Elizabeth’s candid feedback the experience was extremely helpful and motivating. The workshops and sessions were efficient, gave an inner satisfaction, provided new ways to approach a situation, or added something to our professional and personal tool set.

Stefan B.
President & CFO
DAA Draexlmaier Automotive of America

I was seeking a career direction in a new market. Through a series of personality and career aptitude tests, and with Elizabeth’s guidance, I was able to see my strengths, weaknesses and what careers suited me. It was a very beneficial experience; I learned new things about myself and how to focus on getting where I wanted to be in this market. Elizabeth was patient, focused, and truly a delight to work with.

Ping C.
Professional Translator

Using a very hands-on, transparent approach with real life examples and work situation role plays, and conducting one on one and several team sessions, we became an effective team based on the awareness of the strengths and weaknesses of each individual. It was a very positive and efficient experience;  if you want to get things done and are open for constructive criticism, Elizabeth is the right partner for you. If there is an obstacle, a roadblock or a hindrance on your way to success, Elizabeth is an excellent choice to overcome it.

Grit B.
General Manager
Redi-Group LLC

Elizabeth is much like a seasoned archaeologist. She has the ability to sift through the layers we have built upon ourselves and career path thus far, to help us truly focus on what we want to achieve and become. Her insight is both sound and realistic. She is an excellent coach and is there for each step of the process you’re going through.

Donna S.
Benefits Manager
Greenville Health System

They are great instructors! Always enjoy their energy and their knowledge of what they are teaching. They are GREAT!!!

Leadership Development Participant
Draexlmaier Automotive

Elizabeth and Sandra were very “in tune” to all of the personalities in the room and related to each one of us in a particular way.  I would love to do more coaching and/or training with them!

Leadership Development Participant
Draexlmaier Automotive