What We Do

Our clients work with us to develop a high-energy, positive workplace where associates are motivated to perform at their highest level on a daily basis.

We are dedicated to helping our clients create organizations filled with vitality and enthusiasm, driving performance through connecting your people with their natural skills and abilities.


MOVE works with you to create a great place to work by providing high quality leadership development, executive coaching and talent management consulting.

Together we MOVE your people to the place where they are able to perform at their highest level and feel fulfilled, giving you a competitive advantage.

Services Provided

  • Executive and Leadership Development

  • Talent Management Consulting

  • Women In Leadership

How We Do It

When you begin working with us we start a robust engagement where we build long-term relationships with your organization; our core aim is to create a positive and sustainable culture shift. Your key leaders and HR team work directly with us to MOVE your organization forward and achieve the results you need. Our team of passionate experts collaborates with your team to create programs that support your people and drive performance.

We incorporate all necessary tools and services, including organizational and leadership assessments, executive coaching, workshops, and talent management consultation. Our methodology is designed to increase leadership skills and inspire passion by utilizing our experience and expertise to create customized programs that produce leaders who embrace challenges and optimize opportunities.

The Compression Model

To create effective organizational change, all leaders need to be on board and headed in the same direction. We launch leadership initiatives into your organization’s culture in order to create sustainable change by introducing programs simultaneously at multiple levels of the organization.


DDDmodel-revised copy

DDM Model

The greatest competitive advantage for any organization is its people.  Our approach to leadership development is based on our DDM Model – a 3 level platform of developmental phases.  While we begin with the Discovery phase and move through development and mastery, leaders will re-enter all phases at different times of their career.

      Discover: Self-Awareness
      Develop: Skill Development and Practical Application
      Master: Optimize  Impact by Strengthening Others – Giving Back